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About Netcentric

Netcentric is the leading implementation partner for Adobe Marketing Cloud platforms in Europe and has grown from 15 to more than 220 employees in three years.

Building large-scale digital marketing solutions is the company’s sole focus. Founded in 2012, Netcentric builds Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions for the largest companies in the world and across different industries. Its 250 employees are based in Pfäffikon, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona and London and work for brands around the globe.

About Melanie Vones

Filling the role Holacracy Ambassador Melanie is spreading the idea of responsive organizing within the organization and sharing knowledge and skills with her colleagues. Amongst other roles in Netcentric’s project work, she organizes internal trainings, supports Netcentric’s on-boarding process and coaches circles and people using the methodology of Holacracy.

From her point of view digitalization will not only force organizations to change but also people. The creation of a learning organization and an environment that enables people to develop new skills and contribute best to the organization’s purpose is therefore her primary objective.

Preserve a start-up spirit, an agile organization design and grow your company

Netcentric has progressed to be one of the most reliable and innovative digital experience specialists in Europe. In less than four years, Netcentric has grown more than tenfold.

We are committed to continually engaging our team members in a collective purpose, which is to enable our clients to deliver an incomparable digital customer experience.

We want to preserve our start-up spirit, the transparency, and quick, intelligent decision-making that is our organizational DNA. Putting quality in the focus of our delivery at Netcentric, any idea and any approach can be challenged by a better solution.

As a company, we run in an agile, efficient, and collaborative model, which enables us to deliver upon key goals and core values as we continue to scale. Based on Holacracy we are building a scalable organizational framework, one which will ensure that we can preserve our values and fulfill our purpose, regardless whether  we are 50 or 500 people.